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Neurocare Pharma Products and Franchise

Neurological care is one of the most researched areas in medicine today. With rising cases of mental, psychological and neurological cases, the focus has shifted to a comprehensive care management for disease management and rehabilitation.

As one of the leading neurocare pharma companies, Sanity pharma has invested heavily in providing an integrated platform for neurological care. Our wide range of medicines are aimed at providing treatment care, and relief to patients suffering from physical and (or) cognitive disorders. Our primary aim is to make a patient self-sufficient and capable of leading a productive life.

Why Do We Need Neurological Care?

Most neurological diseases can be life-altering, such as Huntington disease. While physical ailments can be managed with some therapy, neurological ailments arise from some kind of mental/psychological/physical condition that is far more difficult to treat. Cure is usually not possible. So, the focus has shifted to management of the disease. We may not be able to completely cure a patient, we can help them manage their condition in a better manner.

Under neurological care we focus on providing a integrated platform for such patients. This includes:

  • Pain management
  • Anxiety/stress management
  • Medicines to treat specific diseases
  • Neuroleptics
  • Analgesics

These medicines are focused on treating specific conditions (neuroleptics) to dealing with conditions arising out of neurological disorders (anxiety). By providing a common platform, our aim is to make healthcare more easily available and coordinated.

Neurological Care — Other Players

Sanity Pharma is a neurocare product franchise. Our focus is on manufacturing and distributing neurocare products. But proper neurocare involves several other layers and participants. A comprehensive neuorcare program involves:

  • Physiotherapy to manage physical changes and pain. It can also help in attaining self sufficiency. It can also include occupational therapists.
  • Changes in lifestyle changes to deal with the physical and psychological ramifications of such conditions. This can include nutritionists.
  • Pain management. This can range from occasional discomfort to debilitating constant pain. Nursing care, doctors and medical workers are a key element here.
  • Medication to restore function, manage pain, halt the progress of the diseases and in some cases, cure. Sanity Pharma plays a crucial role in dispensing medication.

Our Commitment to Neurocare

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of neurocare pharma products, Sanity Pharma is now focused on providing a complete neurocare platform. We offer the latest medications at very reasonable prices. We are committed to provide affordable and innovative healthcare solutions for all.