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About Product

Our product line has answer to all the diseases related to psychiatric medications, psychotropic medications and neuropsychiatric products. We are the first choice when it comes to these ailments as our medicines have all the remedies to cure the patients. Our products are of high class quality which helps in curing patients suffering from hypertension, anxiety, mood instability and etc.

Impact and Quality of Our Products

Our psychotropic medications are specially manufactured keeping the disease in consideration so that they doesn’t affect any other body part and just cure and targets the disease for which the medication is taken. Quality is kept as a top priority in Sanity Pharma as we can’t keep abreast with competition if we don’t produce best quality products. For survival in the industry you need to manufacture quality products.

An ISO Certified Company

Our products are manufactured taking utmost care as we are ISO certified pharma franchise company and also as per guidelines of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and World Health Organisation.

Packing and Labelling

All our medicines are neatly packed and labelled with all the necessary details mentioned on the pack such as manufacturing and expiry dates, salts on which the medicine is made and etc. Usually our medicines come in pack of 10 tablets each.


In this competitive world price plays the most important factor. Customers can’t be retained if they find similar product in a cheaper price range therefore keeping in mind all our products are of nominal price with no compromise on quality of our products.